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 Marty Hughley, Oregonian 

“In a genre too honest for crowns, Margo Tufo is a jewel in the crushed fedora of the blues."

 Michael Burgess ~ This Week Magazine 

“Stifled tenderness and living blues frustration in her awesomely tough voice.”

 Fiona Martin, Willamette Week 

"If you want the blues, absolutely, positively, without a doubt, call on her!”

 Jeannie Stanfill ~ Blues Notes (Cascade Blues Association Newspaper) 

"It is rare to see a woman fronting a blues band, and there was Margo DOING HER THING!”

 Owen Hugh ~ Caught Live (London Music Magazine) 

"Margo can croon, swoon, belt or shriek as the occasion demands"

 Sonya Kazen ~ Two Louies (Oregon Music Magazine)